Next Projects

  Solo Dance: choreography and performance

2017/12/2, Itabashi SUBTERRAEAN, Tokyo, "Midnight"

2016/9/4, TERPSICHORE, Tokyo, "Object, 6"

2015/11, Pit kita kuiki, Tokyo, "Object, 5"

`10-`14, TERPSICHORE, Tokyo, "Object, 1-4"

2009/3, TERPSICHORE, Tokyo, "The Double of Human Being"

2008/5, TERPSICHORE, Tokyo, "Next morning before dawn, to the captured martians"

2007/12, Plan B, Tokyo, "Disposal facility"

`04-`06, Die Pratze, Tokyo, "Modo de Volar, 1-4"

2000/10, Plan B, Tokyo, "Una mujer amarilla"

1993, Caramel, Tokyo, "A blow in the circulatory effect"


  Dance Collaboration

2016/12, Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, collaboration with Fukaya Masako Dance Company

 "Dansu no inu - All is Full" in the project "Own Goal Heel"

2016/11, Dsoko, Tokyo, collaboration with Kobayashi Saga

2011/11, Theatre X, Tokyo, "OK! JOHN`S AIKAWA FEAST"

2006/4, TERPSICHORE, Tokyo, ”What`s the time?”、with Parallel Theatre

2001/3, Theatre X, Tokyo, "Hoffman Story", with Josaku Sugita

1998, Tokyo, "Twilight of the moon", with Rika Hoshino



1999, Opening act in "Under the clavicle" (Director: Ryoko Aramaki)



2007, "Prisoner" (Director: Masao Adachi)



2018/5/26, 27, Teatros del canal sala roja, "¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON ESTA ESPADA?", Angélica Liddell

2017/6/9, Jerusalem, Midnight East Festival 2017, "¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON ESTA ESPADA?",

 Angélica Liddell

2016/9/12-13,Santos, 17-18 São Paulo, Festival Mirada, "¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON ESTA ESPADA?", Angélica Liddell

2016/7/7-13, Avignon Festival, "¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON ESTA ESPADA?", Angélica Liddell

2013/9, FreeSpace CANVAS, Tokyo, "Infant", with Gekidan Kaitaisha

2012/3, FreeSpace CANVAS, Tokyo, "Jouissance System", with Gekidan Kaitaisha

2011/11, Morishita Studio, Tokyo, "Finality Living", with Gekidan Kaitaisha

2007, Tour in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, "Painting on the wall", with Palestina Caravan



2015/7, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Angélica Liddell workshop

`13-`14,  Morishita studio, Tokyo, Ko Murobushi workshop

`05-`06, Tenshikan, Tokyo, The Akira Kasai School of Butoh

`04-`05   Ahiru Studio, Tokyo, Mitsuyo Uesugi workshop

1992, Asbestos-kan, Tokyo, "My body as an icon"


  Foreign experience

2012, European Tour (Poland and Germany) with Gekidan Kaitaisha, Posthuman theater in Europe

`01-`04, Marionette Theatre, Paris, ”Paris, Tokyo, Paris”, ”What`s time?” with Parallel Theatre

Photo: Kamiyama Teijiro

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