Trained in Tatsumi Hijikata's Asbestos-Kan, Mitsuyo Uesugi ws, Akira Kasai's Butoh School and Ko Murobushi ws, I have been exploring the possibilities of botoh dance for twenty years as solo dancer and collaborating with butoh performers (Akiko Motofuji, Mitsuyo Uesugi, Taketeru Kudo, Dakei), musicians (DMBQ, Alfredo Costa Monteiro), filmmakers (Masao Adachi), theater companies in Japan (Gekidan Kaitaisha in Tokyo) as well as abroad (Parallel theatre in Paris). My main solo performances are “Flying Method vol.1-4” (2004-2006), “The Double of Human Being” (2009), “Object vol.1-5” (2010-2015).

 As choreographer, dancer, stage and music editor of my butoh performances I put on stage an inorganic and fragmented body faithful to its materiality. In dialogue with objects on stage, or becoming an object myself, I consider my dance as a process through which the everyday physical actions, the expressions of subjectivity are challenged and broken up.



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